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May we be rooted and flow


Intention & Mission

My mission is to facilitate connection and cultivate awareness you can carry away and remember day-to-day.


What we need moment to moment varies as much as the stars in the sky. I want you to feel an empowered connection with yourself, your magic, and the spark that is your life force.


I believe we all have the potential to live a purposeful life that feels rewarding, challenging, and full of beauty. I wish to support you on this journey and remind you that you are already intuitively wise and inherently strong. 


Whether we’re raising our vibe with upbeat movement or healing through meditation and sound bath, my heartfelt wish is that we may all be rooted and flow. 


Reconnection is in the dance between breath, asana, and transition, in the garden with the dirt, while reflecting or journaling, or by practicing mindfulness amidst the mundane.  


I fell in love with sound healing for its ability to carry us out of doing and move toward purely receiving.


I feel joy channeling through me when I practice or lead Inferno Hot Pilates because our efforts and intentions are palpable. The practice often results in a rush of feel-good waves, a sense of community connection (because wow! We just did that together), and finally, a settling into the ultimate relaxation.


Chakra studies are for me, the lens to dive deeper into self-study, embodiment, and spirituality. On the reflective path, I believe we transcend from a life dappling in distinct practices toward a truly integrated and sustainable lifestyle that is richly compelling to live. 


We all have a unique charge or vibrational signature and require diverse tools, which likely change with the seasons. Sometimes, we recharge by dancing and sweating; other times, we need stillness, introspection, and healing energy.


As I embark on the journey toward becoming a National Board Certified Health & Wellbeing Coach, I look forward to supporting you toward realizing your full potential and a life of joyful balance, challenge, and rewards.


May we grow and spread that good work to the world around us, which is brighter because we are in it! In roughly 25 years of practice and teaching, I’ve enjoyed a beautiful evolution, and it is a privilege and pleasure to share this learning with you. I humbly acknowledge the cultures, lineages, traditions, teachers, and practitioners I owe for these gifts, and I honor them with immense gratitude!


Essex Junction, VT

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